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Pamela Ramirez Briggs Fashion and Textiles 15 May 2017 King of Bridal Oleg Cassini was one of the most influential designers with one of the longest careers in American history. He was born in Paris on April 11, 1913 to the Count and Countess Cassini, his grandfather being the Peking Imperial Russian Ambassador. He grew up with his younger brother, Igor Cassini, who turned out to be very similar in many ways. As a child he spent most of his life traveling from Russia, Denmark, and Copenhagen due to his father’s occupation. When he became a young adult his dream was to become a soldier or diplomat. He was unable to fulfill his dream when the Russian empire collapsed, so they moved to Florence where he studied art with a famous painter…show more content…
It was not until late 1948 when their marriage began to crumble once more due to their youngest daughter, Christina Cassini, being born on November 19, 1948. In 1950 he knew the marriage would not last due to the rapidly increasing amount of fame his wife had accumulated in such a short amount of time. Since his wife was becoming more and more successful, he decided to try out acting in “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, but not much came from it. They finally decided to end their marriage in 1952 due to the distance and fighting. Although his marriage with Gene was not his first marriage it definitely was his last, he was shortly married to Merry Fahrney before Gene, not much about their marriage is known due to its brief existence. Fashion, movie making, and tennis were not the only activities that interested Cassini. His childhood dream came true during World War ll when he was drafted as a U.S. Cavalry due to his impressive horse riding skills. After serving in the war he was sent back home to New York, where he was determined to become more successful than ever. After his rocky marriage to Gene he decided to give love a second chance with Grace Kelly. He was not known as much of a ladies man until Grace Kelly ended their engagement to marry to the Prince of Monaco. After she broke his heart he was seen

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