Analysis Of `` On Self Respect `` By Joan Didion

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Dear I’ve read a few essays in the past two weeks and learnt a lot. When I put two of those essays together, their different and yet similar ideas have triggered my new concepts about individual and public. And I would love to share that with you. “We are peculiarly in the thrall to everyone we see, curiously determined to live out -since our self-image is untenable-thief false notions us.”- Joan Didion “On Self-Respect”.Didion, in his essay, states that to alien from self is to to free us from the expectation of others ,to remain indifferent and to achieve self-respect.Upon reading, I began to wonder if I am self-respect. Character? Free from expectation ?The ability to face up mistakes ? Maybe not.The article written by Joan Didion, I believe, serves as a reminder to the rest of us, reminding us of the relationship between individual and public.Always trying to fit in the imagination of others, people live merely as puppets, controlled by those who tells you what to do. And this, according to Didion, is the person without self-respect.In the article, Joan Didion mentions the novel The Great Gatsby, which reminds me of another character in this particular novel -Gatsby. Trying to attract Daisy, Gatsby purchased a magnificent mansion in Long Island, where he made himself a name in society by throwing party every weekend to everyone. Unfortunately, his affection for Daisy turns into an insatiable ambition for social status and wealth that leads to his ultimate

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