Analysis Of One Art By Elizabeth Bishop

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“One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop is a poem with many repetitions of phrases. Bishop reiterates multiple times the line “the art of losing is not hard to master,” all throughout the poem. That is why the style of repetition refers to the poem. The author creates “One Art,” a really fascinating and agreeable poem because she mentions various things that we lose throughout life. Firstly, she seems to be saying that it can be easy to lose things, but by the end of the poem she explains how loss is not as easy as it seems and it can be difficult to overcome those losses. Bishop states loss is not a disaster because in reality, with enough time we will learn to live without it no matter what it can be. As the author states in the poem “the art of losing isn’t hard to master,” it can be difficult to get over with but with time one will be able to handle it. So many things in life are meant to be lost; it starts off with something small things and going into bigger things getting misplaced so that it is easier to react to the loss. The author expresses attitudes and feelings that not everyone may understand. While some people might interpret her tone as a negative connotation, others might interpret it as a positive connotation because they may be reading the poem differently. Although loss may have a negative meaning towards it, Bishop explains her poem with a positive attitude. She uses her own experience in the poem like when she lost her mother’s watch and then she escalated into
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