Analysis Of ' One Day At A Time ' By Joe Walsh

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Inner Journey ‘From the start to the end, I’m still learning the road between’ (Lucy Hale, 2014). An inner journey is the emotional, physical and mental journey that we experience throughout life to ultimately shape the person we become. Influences such as family and friends, music, stereotypes and social media give us the impression of how life is supposed to be. These decisions can lead us in the right or wrong direction. ‘One Day At A Time’ by Joe Walsh (Written by Joe Walsh in 2012) is a classic rock, lyric song that foregrounds the topic of living life. The lyrics reflect that negative choices made in life can leave us wishing that we had chosen the right one. (, 2015) ‘Road Between’ by Lucy Hale (Written by Mike Daly and Mellissa Peirce in 2014) is a more light hearted, lyric country piece that focuses more on the journey through life in which she has not yet taken. (, 2015) (, 2015) She focuses on the idea that there will be things in life that will bring you down and your intuition may be wrong but that shapes who you become. Both songs focus of the idea of going on your inner journey. ‘One Day at a Time’ is a more upbeat song which is quite catchy. The lyrics suggest that Joe Walsh is only living his life for the day and not thinking about what happens next, living in the moment. This is true however, this song could be about how he was living in the moment when he was younger and it was what destroyed his life. The song was
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