Analysis Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest By Ken Kelsey

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Healing Methods One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kelsey, is a novel that exposed the mental hospitals in the 1960s. The main nurse in the story is Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched believes in three forms of healing known as group therapy sessions, lobotomy, and ETC, Electroshock therapy. The novel displays the use of therapy and how sometimes physical therapy isn’t the best therapy for patients. The nurse uses the ward and her therapy methods cohesively to bring the patient 's back to “normal”. Miss Ratched, the nurse and leader on the ward, and a former army nurse has designed a system with a rigorous maintained schedule and two styles of treatment in order to bring the patients back into a normal society. The ward which Miss Ratched…show more content…
Miss Ratched has distractions so covered up that the black boys, “All three wear starched snow-white pants and white shirts with metal snaps down one side and white shoes polished like ice, and the shoes have red rubber soles silent as mice up and down the hall.”(31) Miss Ratched herself doesn’t pose as a distraction for the patients being a female with large breasts, always covering them up, or pulling them close to her body as if to show she is not there for the patient 's pleasure but there to help them on the road to recovery. The ward is so meticulous about who works there that “The doctors last three weeks, three months. Until she finally settles for a little man with a big wide forehead…”(29) “Her three daytime black boys she acquires after more years of testing and rejecting thousands.”(29) The nurse has taken several years to acquire a single doctor, and three daytime black boys whom each work like clockwork with her and do not have to be given verbal orders rather they just know when and where to do their jobs and how their jobs should be done. Not only does the nurse use such a detailed plan to run her ward, she also incorporates into this plan; group therapy. Group therapy as McMurphy puts is a ” ‘pecking party’.

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