Analysis Of One World : The Ethics Of Globalization Essay

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Peter Singer, the author of One World: The Ethics of Globalization, wrote this book/thesis to point out all of the global economic and political problems that are plaguing our world and suggests a few solutions in the hopes that it can help turn the current state of our world in the right direction to help find answers for the long-term problems of humanity and not just rely on the short-term fixes. From a “global ethical viewpoint” he distills all of his views on the problematic nature of the world’s governments and their respective unions/organizations into four categories of issues perpetuated by said governments; humanity’s impact on the environment, the international trade regulations of the World Trade Organization, national sovereignty, and the distribution of aid to nations in need from first world countries. He identifies these as the four main issues in the day and age of globalization that needs to be rectified in order to improve the state of the globe, relations between the nations, and mankind in general. In his book, Singer cites many current events (in 2002 when the book was published) and how they have affected the Nations, World Trade Organization, the United Nations, etc. He argues that the governments of the world have been so self-concerned that they don’t realize the real impact that they are having on the Earth as a whole and he hopes to raise awareness of their impact and get them thinking about the big picture of the environment and relations rather

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