Analysis Of Oogie Bogeyman

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Jacquelyn Ortiz
Per 3, English

The Oogie Boogeyman When you were a child were you ever afraid of the dark? Or the closet? Did you ever think that a crazy child eating monster was in your closet? Such as the bogeyman. Most of the time your parents had to check your room and under your bed to make sure nothing was there when you went to sleep. They had to make sure there was nothing in the closet and that it was tightly closed shut. (paragraph 2 of “Scientific American”) In the article written in the scientific american article “What’s the Bogeyman?” states that the bogeyman is not meant for it to scare children but to make sure they do what they are told. Have your parents ever told you “If you don't clean your room the bogeyman will come and get you”? That is mainly meant to scare kids into thinking that they will get “taken” if they don't clean their room or take a shower. The bogeyman can be anywhere at any time due to it being a shapeless figure. It can be under your bed, in the closet, or behind the tree while you are walking alone in the dark. It is meant to instill a heavy fear in children to do what they are told and to not do all of these bad things. The bogeyman is triggered it doesn't just pop up all the time. There has to be a reason for the bogeyman to be there. (paragraph 5 “Scientific American) If the bogeyman can be triggered it can also be controlled and can also be overcome. The bogeyman can be triggered through social transgressions meaning

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