Analysis Of Option B, By Sheryl Sandberg

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‘9¾’ Career Advice No One Gives You

“There must be a mistake! This [ticket] says platform 9 and 3/4.

There's no such thing! Is there?" asks a bewildered 11-year-old Harry Potter. He was on the cusp of his first train trip to the School of Magic – Hogwarts.

Until Harry waded his way through the walls – like all of us [including my 8 year old daughter who is devouring the Harry Potter series] he believed his options were platform 9 or 10.

This blog is about the invisible, magical option in between - the 9 ¾ that has propelled my career - for real.

I connected the dots after reading about a real life inspiration in the book Option B, written by Sheryl Sandberg.

Platform of Friendship

“Is there anything I can do?” are the
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That made me reflect on my career. I connected the dots on a small act that had propelled my career – time and again. I was oblivious to its role - until today.

The ‘9¾’ career advice nobody gives.

I was once seated in front of my boss during an annual review. He was pensive. Knowing him through the years, I knew he was about to say something deep. All he shared, “I like that you are among the first to venture to a white board.”

When I gave him a quizzical look, he elaborated –“I like that you volunteer as the first one to the white board. It helps set the tone. Not everyone puts themselves out there in a group setting with a rough idea.”

What I understood then – he liked that I took an initiative even when ideas were not fully baked through. What I did not realize until today - a rough draft gives control to the recipients to become collaborators.

I may be an artist who aids problem framing- rough drafts on paper, on white boards, even on napkins over lunch – with pens borrowed from waiters.

The art of editing and refining does something to people – they make the idea their own.

I now realize that rough drafts were my “what you NOT want on your burger?” moments throughout my career.

The contrast is striking. Career advice everybody gives - Be innovative, take initiative, be the agent of change. That is the story of trailblazers splattered all over the internet.

The advice nobody gives – share rough drafts with
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