Analysis Of Organizational Management During The United States Military

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Analysis of Organizational Management in the United States Military Throughout history, the theory of what constitutes effective management practice has evolved with the changes and advances in technology and society. However, there are basic principles of each theory that have either influenced contemporary theory or are overtly used in today’s organizations. For example, the United States military overall ascribes to a classical organizational theory of management with an emphasis on transactional leadership. In addition, there is an immense amount of attention given to the contingency approach due to the nature of our mission and purpose. Through this approach to management, the organization has advantages in military operations;…show more content…
“According to classical organization theory the organizational chart allows one to visualize the lines of authority and communication within an organizational structure and ensures clear assignment of duties and responsibilities” (Ehiobuche & Tu, 2012, p. 318). This more than describes the military organizational environment, which is founded on the unity of command principles. Because of this structure and the demanding responsibility of our work and the gravity of the decisions we make, there is considerable priority placed in transactional leadership practices. Commanders/leaders give orders and expectations on how operations and support are to function and the outcomes that are needed to meet the overall mission of their unit and the organization as a whole. This theory and the military require the adherence to rules, regulations, and basic standards of conduct and performance. For that reason, there must also be rewards and punishments for reputable and inferior performance respectively, which is prevalent throughout the military. The above management culture is applicable to units across the military; however, it would be a colossal oversight not to also discuss the role that the contingency approach plays in the operations of our military forces. The existence of the military is based on our ability to
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