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Oryx and Crake Biography Author/Author Background: Personal: Margaret Atwood, the proud writer of numerous award-winning novels including The Blind Assassin, The Tent, or Oryx and Crake, originated in Ottawa, Canada on November 18th, 1939. She pursued writing at a young age and stuck with it. Education: Margaret graduated from Victoria College at the University of Toronto in 1961 and worked toward her master’s degree over the course of the following year. Also, throughout her line of employment, she taught at numerous universities and colleges in the States and in her home country, Canada. Pieces: Atwood has released many books in the speculative fiction genre, including ‘Cat’s Eye’, ‘The Year of The Flood’, ‘The Penelopiad’,…show more content…
This is in reference to technology, sciences, etc. It looks at predictions of the choices of humanity as a whole, to speak in a broader tone. Economics: Something you might not know about this talented author is that she knows a good deal about economics. So much that she actually has performed full speeches about economics in her years. It’s crazy to think about how much she knows! She has so much experience in literature, more than most other people and far more than the average Joe. And on top of that, she knows a good quantity about economics. Awards: Copied from Governor General 's Award, (1966, 1985) Companion of the Order of Canada, 1981 Guggenheim fellowship, 1981 Los Angeles Times Fiction Award, 1986 American Humanist Association Humanist of the Year, 1987 Nebula Award, 1986 and Prometheus Award, 1987 nominations, both science fiction

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