Analysis Of ' Oryx And Crake ' By Margaret Atwood

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In “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood, we are able to look at the parental relationships of Jimmy and how his relationship with his parents affected him. Jimmy comes from a family that could be described as dysfunctional. His mother is depressed and neglects him while his father is carefree, takes things lightly, but also neglects him as well. Due to the negative relationships with his parents, it has affected him in a negative way that will affect the way he forms relationships in the future. Jimmy’s relationship with his parents could be described as a dysfunctional one. His parents would constantly argue about various things such as when Jimmy cut his hair, took his mom’s lighter, and burned it. (Atwood 16). They also argued when Jimmy’s mom, Sharon, complained about HelthWyzer Compound. She was disgusted with her husband’s job, she said “Why can’t you get a job doing something honest? Something basic” (57). She wanted him to get a job where he would be able to have a clean conscience, one that didn’t interfere with how humans are normally made. Also, she suggested a basic job, a job where he would be concerned with the scientific principles that were conducted while doing the research at NooSkins. She could have also meant a simple job where it didn’t require too much brain power, such as a job like manual labor, cleaning, etc. Jimmy’s relationship with his mother had affected the way Jimmy interacted with woman and formed romantic relationships with
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