Analysis Of Oryx And Crake By Margaret Atwood

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Margaret Atwood expression on her views with education in her book Oryx and Crake shows the conflicting battle between two disciplines; science vs. humanities. Atwood describes sciences and humanities by dividing between social aspects as well as how they are viewed in society and how our education places us in this society. In Oryx and Crake, Atwood uses the terms "words person" and "numbers person" to describe the intellect of a person that places them into a category that ultimately shapes how they live. This separation of disciplines creates a separation in Atwood 's book between communities. The characters in Oryx and Crake place a high value upon the pursuit of scientific innovation which has taken away the focus from the cultural…show more content…
Atwood creates this separation by creating these compounds that had high walls and CorpSeCorps to keep the outside people away. Dunlap contributes to this by saying " At the same time that corporate science collapses human-over-animal hierarchy, however, it also strives to reinforce that hierarchy by drawing a clear distinction between a human world within isolated scientific Compounds and a savage world outside Compound walls populated by non-human and dehumanized Others" (Dunlap p. 3). This society within the compounds separates themselves from the outside, less intellectual community because they are of no use except for profit when needed for testing. These people were seen to the science people as an imperfect society that needed to be fixed. This portrayal of societies closely resemble the societies we live in today where higher class separates themselves from those less fortunate. This comparison of today 's world and Atwood 's book can be troubling when you see similarities in classes or disciplines that ultimately lead to the extinction of human kind. The education portrayed throughout Atwood 's book shows how advancing in society depended on the position you held. Jimmy 's father held a high position as a genographer where he was sought after until he advanced to HelthWyzer. "The HelthWyzer Compound was not only newer than the OrganInc layout, it was bigger" (Atwood p.54) was how Jimmy described his
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