Analysis Of Oryx And Crake By Margaret Atwood

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Ethics is differentiating between good and evil, between the right and wrong human actions, and between righteous and unrighteous characteristics of individuals. Having said that, ethics plays a significant role in Margaret Atwood’s novel, Oryx and Crake. The world in which Oryx and Crake are presented differs from our own. The lifestyle throughout the novel demonstrates the value and importance of ethics in one’s life and how it can effortlessly lead to a tragedy. In the novel, Margaret Atwood focuses on the excess of the lack of moral responsibility and freedom showing that as much as science can help a person, it can also destroy them if we do not have ethical limits and society’s satisfaction. In addition, Atwood illustrates the final disaster when the novel’s antagonist, Crake, uses both his scientific intellect shared with his ethical depravity to attempt extinguishing and then recreating, the entire human race. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the story’s protagonist, Jimmy/Snowman, gradually reveals a world of segregation and isolation for those who possess either artistic compassion or appreciation. Nonetheless, solidarity with other human beings is the first step to the development of ethics. It is not explicitly mentioned, however, one can conclude that companies are frequently the number one control and power in the world. Evidence of this is presented throughout the book. Jimmy spends his life living in corporate compounds, like many other characters, both Jimmy
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