Analysis Of Othello And Desdemona

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There comes a time in many relationships when you realize that love is not enough to stay together. In Othello by William Shakespeare, the play is set in Venice in the sixteenth century and focuses on the war between Venice and Turkey and the people who it affects. Othello is an impressive general of the Venetian armed forces, despite this he becomes influenced by a man named Iago, who yearns for Cassio’s position as lieutenant. Iago damages Othello mentally by fabricating Desdemona 's relationship with Cassio. Throughout the play Othello becomes overpowered by Iago’s manipulation and lies. This is the foundation for Othello and Desdemona’s difficult relationship. Despite the fact that readers may think that Bianca and Cassio have the…show more content…
The fact that Othello questions who Desdemona is to him reveals his lack of trust for Desdemona. Desdemona puts her life on the line to swear that she is loyal to Othello. If a person ever needs to prove their loyalty that much to their significant other their relationship is not strong.
H. Transition + Claim #3: The last example of Othello’s doubt in Desdemona’s loyalty is when Othello says: “What, not a whore? / No, as I shall be saved. / Is‘t possible? / Oh heaven forgive us!” (IV.II.90-93). Othello challenges everything that Desdemona says. He automatically assumes she is lying. Othello’s impulse to always doubt Desdemona clouds his judgement. Causing an extreme case of miscommunication. Due to the fact that Othello is so impressionable his trust in Desdemona has faded and because of this he can no longer listen to anything she says even if it is the truth. In addition, Othello abuses Desdemona both verbally and physically. To begin, Othello snaps at Desdemona: “Heaven doth truly know it./Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell./To whom, my lord? With whom? How am I false?/Ah, Desdemona, away, away, away!” (IV.II.41-47). Othello continues to antagonize Desdemona and wrongfully accuse her of the “affair” between her and Cassio. Even though they really love each other, lago’s constant lies portray Desdemona as lecherous causing Othello to snap at Desdemona. Secondly, Othello enhances the abuse by striking desdemona.“my lord/ i 'm glad to see you mad./
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