Analysis Of ' Othello ' By Angela Duckworth

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Jezmin Fisher
Ms. Milliner
1/20/17 OTHELLO
Pscychology has provided research to human beings that allows them to understand what factors they may face in life & why. throughout life people have created their own personalities & relationships that differentiate them from everyone else. Authors Angela Duckworth & Carol Dwefk have provided research on the significant factors it takes to be intelligent & build stamina. grit and mindset are the qualities one have developed to accomplish things they value most. Grit was defined as determination and the ability for a person to continue to push through challenges. Mindset is a form of mind that can cause a person to think only about themselves and evaluate
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Emilia knew the truth which is why she had to expose her husband for her friends sake. She felt guilty and she knew she couldn 't die with her friends death in vein so she did something about it. She felt determined to expose her husband and developed a new mindset which was to tell the truth. With telling the truth she knew she 'd face death however she knew she could forgive herself & be at peace knowing she protected her friends name. Emilia showed a strong level of a growth mindset because she made her own decision to clear the false information on her friend by going against her husband & followed her beliefs on what would be most right to do. While doing so Emilia showed effort & determination to make sure she got her point across even if it meant dying. Desdemona is a character that showed a growth mindset & lots of grit. She was the daughter of Brabantio & the wife of Othello the main character. Throughout the book she conveyed some characteristics like strong , confident & in control which makes up her character. Desdemona is challenged in this book which puts her to test showing her growth mindset. She is determined to prove to her husband that she 's not cheating despite the rumors made up by Iago. Shortly after the rumors grew into one 's ear Othello was willing to kill Desdemona which is why she began to defend herself & put effort to prove her innocence. Once Othello fired
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