Analysis Of ' Othello ' By William Shakespeare

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Rationale In Part Four of the course, Critical Study, we studied Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello. This is a play that comprises of enduring themes of love, betrayal, jealousy, appearance versus reality, racism, and revenge. I chose to write a diary for this play because we are only presented with the facade of these characters. Throughout the play, the audience is left to wonder what goes on behind the scenes. And the only way to achieve this is to put ourselves in their shoes in order to experience their thoughts and feelings. My written task is written from the point of view of Iago-villain of the play. Iago is a character who is obsessive, relentless, and ingenious in his efforts to manipulate and deceive other characters but he is a…show more content…
Lastly, throughout his journal, he refers to Othello as the Moor. And that was done to clearly emphasize their relationship. Towards the end, I ensured that Iago’s thoughts on paper were more structured because his power level increase, he was in control. Word Count: 299 Entry # 1 30th September, 1571 Dear Diary, I am the loneliness that sits over my own roof with brooding wings. Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets. These secrets need to be shared and I confide in you to keep my secrets with me. There is an undeniable rage built inside me. I do not know the cause. Whatever has caused uncertainty in my mind has turned my heart into ice. But I Iago, will not be defeated. The only solution to this problem is vengeance. I will find reasons for my revenge. Journal Entry # 2 6th October, 1572 Dear Diary, Some fellows have some soul. That Moor gave my election to be lieutenant to that book-keeper, Cassio. Oh what discredit! Passing a great soldier for a mere prattle without practice. Stupidity! Oh I hate him! He has betrayed me. Taken away what rightfully belongs to me! This was my moment. This was my chance to be chosen. Why didn’t I get the position? Why? Why? It should have been me. It should have been me! And to make matters worse, he has done my office. From now onwards, I will not let my outward appearance show the native act and figure of my heart. People are betrayers. But as we have heard it been said, an eye for an eye and a
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