Analysis Of Oticon 's Management Board Essay

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This report is requested by Oticon’s Management Board. Its purpose is to analyse and review existing strategy and processes and to advice on strategic options for managing change. The audience is Oticon’s Chief Executive Officer and Management Board members who support company’s mission statement of ‘helping people with hearing difficulties to life as they wish’ and recognised the need for businesses to constantly reshape their ideas to survive”. Audience is familiar with the terms used in this report and have a comprehensive understanding of their meaning in the given context. Background/Constrains At Oticon, we take pride in being a leader in aid hearing industry and a pioneer in questioning procedures and implementing change. Mid 80’ brought decreased sales, financial and organisational problems, that our transformational leader Lars Kolind tackled the effects by abolishing formal organization, disorganizing Oticon and creating a spaghetti organization. Our focus on customer feedback and project focus based team led to launching DigiFocus, Oticon’s technological breakthrough and world’s first digital aid hearing. Now, yet again, it is time to challenge the status quo and scrutinise ourselves in order to stay aware of markets demand and respond quickly and better than competitors. Change is a difficult process full of pitfalls and therefore knowledge of how to coordinate it is a basic requirement of implementing change. Various studies in strategic management must be

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