Analysis Of ' Out Of My Mind '

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Cecelia Puckhaber, Grade 8F July 27, 2015 Language Arts Out of My Mind Summer Reading Essay Out of My Mind, written by Sharon Draper is a story about Melody, an eleven year old who was born with a condition called cerebral palsy, forcing her silent and incapable to use her legs to walk, or her hands to write. If Melody were to be given the choice of what she’d rather have, it would be the ability to speak, over ability to walk. She makes this decision because her brain can store so much information and thoughts, and it frustrates her when she can’t even tell anyone what she is thinking. Her parents try to give her a life like any normal kid, and so when she is old enough, they put her in a public elementary school. By the time she is in fifth grade, she goes to an inclusion class, with kids without disabilities her age. There she finds a way to share her thoughts with everyone, after her new friend, Rose, receives a laptop over the weekend. When Melody’s parents buy her own laptop, that is perfect for her, she can now take part in class. Most of her classmates are thrilled by how intelligent she is, but not everyone is happy about it. These people only see what is on the outside of Melody, leaving her thoughts and emotions not noticed. But this doesn’t stop her from being the
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