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P l u m . io T e s t i n g Report Prepared for: PRISMRESOURCES Prepared by: Will Detlor & Andreea Fatu Date: May 27th, 2015 Proposal #: 1 Why we looked into Issues: • Candidates don’t follow through with their claims on what they were going to accomplish, as identified in their interview and through the selection process. We wanted to utilize Plum in order to try to more accurately identify candidates with high levels of motivation and execution. (ie. Execution not sales ability!) • Hiring VP’s tend to hire individuals that they see as similar to themselves. Our hope with Plum was that it would eliminate/reduce hiring biases such as this one, thus making the process more objective and improving PRISM’s recruitment tactics. What is is a role & candidate analysis software that allows candidates to be given a “match score” to the role they are applying for. The test measures things like problem solving, social intelligence, assertiveness, enthusiasm, innovation etc. The first step is to do a “Role Analysis Test” to determine which criteria are most important to the role. Candidates will then do a personality test that will analyse them on all of the traits that Plum measures, but will weigh the criteria most important to their particular role to come up with a “match score”. Any score above 75% is considered a very good match. How we tested We decided to test plum’s effectiveness in the following ways: 1. Bought a 1-month subscription (unlimited

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