Analysis Of Pablo Neruda

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In most cases, texts that are translated lose meaning, as sometimes words from a native language cannot be translated exactly into a desired language, or they lose context. World literature translations also lead to the ‘dangers of a single story’ where you only get to read one side of the story (the one of the author) without having a perspective of the natives about the story that was written. To understand, how language is used in world literature, and how text translations change our understanding and meaning of the text, we need to be able to understand the culture, have historical understanding of the time the literary work was written, and factors that might affect society in which the author had written. When one wants to study world literature, they need to consider that translations of the text smooths out not only linguistics richness but also the original and political force a work can have in its original context. World literature needs to be studied with close attention to the original language and context, including works that have new meaning and take new dimensions abroad. There is a shift that unfolds on the internal logic of the work itself, but often come as complex dynamic of cultural change and contestation. For a work to be considered a valuable piece in world literature it must be read first as literature, and secondly circulate into a broader world beyond linguistic and cultural point of origins. Pablo Neruda’s poems are post-colonial responses to
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