Analysis Of Pantene 's Ad ' Not Sorry '

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Pantene’s Ad entitled “Not Sorry” stands out amongst other advertisements because it employs both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication in order to convey a message that goes beyond selling their brand. The ad serves to empower females and encourage a pivotal change in an unacceptable aspect of societal behavior. It opens with a question: “Why are women always apologizing?” The words are in a bold, black font with a white background. The simplicity of their appearance draws the audience’s attention. They are direct and unadorned, speaking directly to the message and motivation behind the ad. It is an engaging question, one that gets at the heart of a prominent societal issue: what is the role of women and how is it different to that of men? At first, the audience may be unclear about what the question means, “apologizing” for what? But, the montage of diverse women in different environments quickly makes its point. Each of them is saying “sorry” to a male figure: co-workers, husbands, bosses, or strangers. The issue is that none of the women are shown doing anything deserving of an apology. Despite this, it appears to be their immediate, automatic response. Ultimately, Pantene desires to promote change through showing viewers a better, altered reality from that of our own, where women are not merely compliant, but are courageous and bold in their actions. After the first portion of the video, the words “Don’t Be Sorry” appear on the screen in the same minimalistic

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