Analysis Of Pat Flynn Is The Creator Of Spi Essay

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Sulma Valencia
IST 309
Extra Credit

Pat Flynn is the creator of SPI, which is website he created to help other create a business empire using online resources. Pat Flynn, defines passive income as “building online businesses that take advantage of systematic advantages through transactions, cash flows, and growth to happen without requiring real time.” He goes on to mention that passive income does not come as easily, rather it consists of much time, dedication, thoughts and comes with risks and considers it as an investment one makes. An investment that can either succeed or fail but if successful can lead to a life full of long term benefits and a work-life balance. No longer does one work around the demands a job requires but around the demands of everyday life and situations. In his website, Pat Flynn reports his monthly income since he first began until his current income statements. I believe the purpose of this is to demonstrate just how successful his business has grown and just how much profit one can make when it is executed in a very clean, thoughtful and organized manner. He proves that one can be successful without sacrificing valuable or productive time from our loved ones and other things we love. In October 2016 (his first income statement), his revenues were almost 8,000 dollars with no expenses. Now, his income is 20 times as much and although he does have expenses compared to the past, I believe that is normal as income increases. As business grows in it
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