Analysis Of Patricia Hill Collins Black Feminist

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Patricia Hill Collins black feminist philosopher has written books and spent extensive time on studying the central concept of feminist epistemology is that of women placed in a particular position or condition and hence of fixed knowledge: knowledge that reflects the particular perspectives of women. In her book Black Feminist Thought Collins, expresses her concern as a black women moving from her neighborhood in Philadelphia to Boston she says, “My world grew larger, but I felt I was growing smaller. I tried to disappear into myself in order to deflect the painful, daily assaults designed to teach me that being an African American, working-class woman made me lesser than those who were not. And as I felt smaller, I become quieter and eventually was virtually silenced (Collins, 1990, p. xi).” However, she did not stay quiet for long, majoring in Sociology gave her the opportunity to study race and offer her endless opportunity to go many directions. In addition Collins wrote Black Feminist Thought in order to help empower African-American women. She knew that when an individual Black woman’s consciousness concerning how she understands her everyday life undergoes change, she can become empowered. Such consciousness may stimulate her to embark on a path of personal freedom, even if it exists initially primarily in her own mind. My deepening understanding of empowerment stimulated more complex arguments of several ideas. I emphasize Black feminist thought’s purpose,
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