Analysis Of Patrick Henry 's ' The Virginia Convention '

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Kendal Griggs
AP English 3
08 November 2016
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Attorney, Patrick Henry, is his “Speech in the Virginia Convention,” makes a stirring plea to the Virginia Convention declaring war against the British to settle all disagreements. Henry’s purpose was to persuade the colonists to agree that the only option was to go to war. He speaks in an urgent and emotional manner in order to convince the delegates to come to similar conclusions.
Henry begins his speech by being very respectful and showing flattery toward the colonists. He says things such as, “Mr. President,” and “very worthy gentlemen,” in order to gain their ears. Henry gives them a sense of confidence which makes them feel respected. Henry hope by doing this, that the colonists will reciprocate and show respect back. When people have respect for each other, they are more likely to see eye to eye. Henry then starts talking about God and religion in his speech. He talks about his “responsibility to God,” and says “majesty of heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.” Henry ,makes it known that he puts God frist, and does this because he knows the colonists are Christian men. By aligning his goals with God, he is also aligning them with the people he’s talking to. Henry uses this same strategy again by revealing his patriotism. Henry goes on to say dramatically, “For my own part I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery,” He uses extreme exaggeration hoping…
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