Analysis Of Patrick Lee Plaisance

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Information regarding Patrick Lee Plaisance was limited; the only thing that stood out was his affiliation with Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, CO. Sadly enough the inadequate information surrounding his educational background and his personnel work experiences created some concern in the quality of this article. After carefully reviewing Plaisance article, I was impress with amount of information he provided us with; it became clear throughout his years he has develop a true understanding or knowledge in which he wrote about. As an author Plaisance deliberate efforts to keep the article broad and suggestive; was successful. This article is one that is designed to empower the reader because Plaisance assesses descriptive and inferential patterns of…show more content…
38 (5). 684 – 696. Retrieved from: Di Zhang has affiliation with the School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University of China, China. However his educational background and personal experience surrounding the topic is lacking; conversely enough as an author he was able to make up for that with a broad and all-inclusive article that used the conceptual framework of organizational–public relationship cultivation strategies to quantitatively evaluate how the Chinese government's international media relationship cultivation strategies at news conferences changed from 2001 to 2009 (Zhang,
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