Analysis Of Paul Therou's 'Being A Man'

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1. The unifying title is: “Men & Women Against Gender Stereotype.”People can experience stereotyping, due to race, gender or ethnicity. When you are a woman, most men expect you to cook, clean and be gentle. When you are a man, most people expect you to be tough and strong.
2. Identify the assigned author and locations?
“Being a man” by Paul Therou’s. These essays come from Sunrise with Seamonsters (1985). The concept of manhood is to “ be stupid” and to stop asking questions of how a man should strive to be masculine. “ looking at women students seriously” which is an essay written by Scott Russell Sanders, first published in the Georgia Review ( spring 1989). It describes the negative perception that men have about women. The author believes that men are having negative perceptions on how to act with women. In “ Why Women Smile” by Amy Cunningham, it was published from 1988 to 1994 and whose Slogarwa “ for the woman who wasn’t born yesterday”. It explores the theme of gender differences in our society, between the frequencies that women smile compared to men.
3. Discuss the first impressions
All the stories seemed to speak about expectations of people that the author disagreed with. In the short essay "Being a Man", the author seems to loathe the notion of what it means to be a man in his time period. In "Looking at Women" Scott Russell Sanders seemed to be confused at how a man was supposed to look at a woman. In the short story, "Why Women Smile" the writer also had

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