Analysis Of Paulo Freire, Pedogogy Of The Oppressed

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‘To study is not to consume ideas but to create and re-create them (Paulo Freire, Pedogogy of the oppressed).’

One month ago I enrolled on a TEFL course. With limited teaching experience and no formal teaching experience I was a dry sponge, excited to be filled with knowledge and ideas. And as I gain more experience, this sponge will always continued to be filled, rung out, and refilled. This essay is a reflection on the intense learning journey that went on this month on the TEFL course. The most valuable lessons were about, as Paulo Freire says, how to get students to create and recreate knowledge as opposed to consuming them.

What is a good teacher?

Education must begin with the solution of the teacher-student contradiction, by
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A permaculture garden has as little inputs and the most about of outputs. The human’s job is to nurture and make sure the environment is apt for all species to flourish equally. As I am at the beginning of my teaching journey I do not yet know how to create a permaculture classroom, but that is what I am working towards. Right now I am just learning, but even if I teach for 40 years, I will still be questioning my ideas, philosophy, un-learning and re-learning. Every student, teacher, person has something to share and learn from.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Right now, as I have said, I am just at the beginning, so have a lot to learn. But I think that in every class I have made an effort to develop a connection with the students. I know felt confidence in my presence to talk and communicate. I create an environment where the students feel supported to make mistakes. Throughout the course my organization and time management have improved, but it is the area where I have the most to improve on.

Teaching Approaches

Of all the teaching approaches, I think that a communicative and an affective humanistic approach are the most affective and I try to use them most in my classroom. The communicative approach ‘advocates that language, first and foremost, is a system for communication (TEFL:2016 p.p.120).’ I completely agree, from my personal experience of learning Spanish, I learned much more Spanish being in
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