Analysis Of People Like Us

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Conforming to the Pack In the essay “People Like Us” by David Brooks, Brooks talks about the societal division of people. This division is often unintentional, such as the making of communities through the real estate market. Buying and selling homes in order to try and get into a new neighborhood with similar ideals or beliefs. On the other hand Brooks describes that people try to be different from others. Such as the different lifestyles of the two very different political parties. We are indeed profoundly different, but is that really such a bad thing. Often in his essay, Brooks makes references to how individuals separate and divide themselves. We often think when we divide ourselves up it is intentional; that we do it because we are avoiding controversy. Brooks mentions that there are sometimes we as humans separate ourselves unintentionally, like buying homes in new developments (1). We often don't know what the neighborhood will be like, so we rely heavily on the characteristics that the few people living there share. Age of adults, age of kids if there is any, and what does the community believe in; this is called housing discrimination. It begs the question, why does it matter if people try and form to a certain community. It is our natural tendency to try and align ourselves with a community that we share a common passion or belief with. We can’t just assume that everyone will be happier if we never created any clique type communities. People are attracted to
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