Analysis Of Percy Jackson, Son Of Poseidon

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As demigod Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, is introduced to what will become his new life at Camp Half-Blood, a war quickly approaches the city of Olympus. Zeus’s lightning bolt has been stolen. Naturally, having a feud with Poseidon, he blames Percy. Percy is given till the summer solstice to return the bolt. If not, chaos will break out, and the Gods will choose sides. As Percy is still in training, you would not expect him to take on a quest. However he does, and it is only the start of what could be the end. Being the son of one of the eldest Gods, he quickly makes friends. Friends including: Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, and Luke Castellan. Also some enemies. After his mother is kidnapped by Hades, who wants the bolt, Percy decides there has been enough of this bolt trouble, and goes to search for it. Of course no quest is complete without near-death experiences. Fear not, there are plenty of those to go around. Follow them as they come face to face with Medusa herself, multi-headed monsters, and casinos. After their bus explodes, naturally, they need something to eat. Because that is always what comes to people’s minds when they almost get blown up. This is where Medusa comes in. When stopping for a double bacon cheeseburger, they are almost turned to stone by the owner of the restaurant/garden. Who turns out to be Medusa. Thank god they found her though, as she is carrying just what they need. A marble crafted in the city of Olympus itself. One of these will

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