Analysis Of Performa, Inc.

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Performa, Inc. is an architectural and engineering firm that prides itself on creating unique buildings that will last and are always architecturally sound. They institute creativity and understanding to meet all the needs of the customer. Brian Beth, Performa Inc.’s lead Project Manager, lives this philosophy in his career life. With a 28-year career at Performa, Inc., Brian has a respected standing in the industry. As a Project Manager, Brian determines the labor supply necessary for each project and oversees entire projects, start to finish. With his experience in these tasks, he was the perfect person to answer the questions. He has great knowledge of the company as a whole, and the industry. He also ensures that all employees are…show more content…
Because of the specificity of engineering and architecture, each individual must be developed according to their strengths and passions. The most efficient way that Performa develops each employee is to pair them with a mentor and allow that mentor to show them how to properly perform each task. With this, it is easy for managers at Performa to incrementally challenge new employees so that they are growing, but assig someone to ensure that each task is upholding the quality of the organization and all work is worthy of the customer. This allows for growth of each individual and minimizes the risk of mistake that beginners are often privy too. This strategy for growing employees is very effective and Performa is smart to utilize it. Since the mentors also must be continually growing, Performa also institutes what they call “Lunch and Learn” to guarantee that employees are continuing in lifelong learning and staying current with the changes in the industry. These are available to all employees, and strongly encouraged by management to attend. Management at Performa prides itself on employees that remain current in the industry and in technology, willing to adapt to change and learn. Another way that Performa encourages growth of employees is by offering reimbursement for taking college classes and pursuing higher education. They strive to eliminate any financial barriers for employees who are seeking higher
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