Analysis Of ' Persepolis ' By Marjane Satrapi

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The memoir, in graphic novel format, Persepolis, written by Marjane Satrapi, describes and summarizes her progression from childhood to her adolescent years of life as a character named Marji. The author successfully accomplish explaining the important aspects of her life with the help of graphic images that summarizes the climaxes of her childhood. Her belief that her country’s government was disrupted and practically useless, in a sense that they do nothing to help or to better their country as a whole, is the main focus of most of her childhood. As Marji progresses, her understanding of her corrupted government only got better and her love for the country only degraded as did the government. When the Islamic and Iranian Revolution…show more content…
They separated the boys from the girls at school and made the girls wear veils. Not many understood the purpose of the government doing this, so for a while, everyone bantered the veils until it became a major aspect of the women’s attire in a short period of time. “We didn’t really like to wear the veils, especially since we didn’t understand why we had to.” (3). The veils didn’t serve any significant purpose except for the idea that the government no longer wanted women showing their body to anyone other that their family. As the veils became more of a big deal, the idea that is you didn’t wear a veil made you a slut to the average man began to play a greater role in Marji‘s society. The veils weren’t as significant as the many lives that were taken, and as many lies told to cover up the death of many people, most whom were innocent. As Marji listened listened and watched her surroundings, she realized that her government was wrong for all the cruel things that they made their citizens suffer through. “The BBC said there were 400 victims. The Shah said that a group of religious fanatics perpetrated the massacre. But the people knew that it was the Shah’s fault!!!” (15). The previous statement is a representation of Marji’s witness to the first incident that proved that their government had been corrupted. Although Marji was young, she understood that her government was wrong and felt the need to speak up against
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