Analysis Of Personal Stress And Internal Control

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PSYC 1101 ASSIGNMENT 3.7 ANALYSIS OF PERSONAL STRESS Kelley R. Webster Instructor: Linda Gilmore 1. The Local of Control assessment results were 80 percent of internal local of control. Internal control is the belief that one is responsible for what happens to self, control own destiny, and responsible for its outcomes. Thus leaving only 20 percent of external local of control. External local of control is the belief that one is a victim or beneficiary of fate or luck; blame or attribute outcomes to actions of other people or to factors in environment. My explanation on the observation of the questions that are external local of control for myself. I am to choose either A) in our society a man 's [or woman 's] earning power is dependent on his or her ability. Or B) getting promoted is really a matter of being a little luckier than the other guy. I chose (B), because I do not agree the other statement in regards to a man’s or woman’s earning power been dependent on his or her ability. It has been studied and notable facts that many women are not benefiting in earning power as it relates to her abilities in comparison to her male counterpart. Therefore, the external local of control applies best to my beliefs. 2. The Life Stress Scale is one method for determining how much stress one experiences that one has experienced over the last 12 months only as means of a guide. It is very similar to the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) that measure life change as a
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