Analysis Of Peter And Sonia On The Purchase Of The Rug Essay

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Introduction Peter is the owner of Antik4U Limited Company in Silverdale to sell antique rugs sourced from overseas. He registers himself as the director of the company and takes on the role of marketing manager as well. The aim of this report to evaluate that “Is there legally binding contract between Peter and Sonia on the purchase of the rug?.” Law: “Invitation to treat” The offer is a communicated eagerness to contract made with the aim that it should get to be authoritative on the individual making it when it is acknowledged by the individual to whom it is tended to (Hubbard, Thomas & Varnham, 2013). In this case, the offeror is Peter who made an invitation to sell the rug by advertising on the New Zealand Herald newspaper stated that selling rug for $8,500 and also arranged a time and location to be viewed rugs. She made an offer to buy the rug at $7,500 on the condition that it is cleaned by the Carpet Cleaning Centre in Auckland. Peter immediately arranges everything to deliver the rug to Carpet Cleaning Centre on Tuesday at 11:30am. This represents that Peter accepted an offer

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