Analysis Of Peter And The Wolf

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Peter and the Wolf A General Music Unit for First Grade Sergei Prokofiev wrote Peter and the wolf in 1936 to teach young children the instruments of the orchestra. Prokofiev wrote both the story and composed the music, creating a symphonic fairy tale that has been enjoyed by children for decades. The work is in three sections which makes the story and music easy for children to follow. The beginning section introduces characters in the story, each represented by a musical instrument. The middle section develops the exciting story. The third and final section summarizes the story and serves as a review of each musical theme as characters join in a parade at the end.
Teaching six-eight years olds the story of Peter and the Wolf is a wonderful opportunity to use brain compatible strategies in the music classroom. Below is a description of how such a unit would be organized and presented to students in six thirty-minute music lessons over a two week period.
On day one of the Peter and the Wolf unit students are introduced to the composer Sergei Prokofiev in an age appropriate manner. Young students enjoy learning where famous musicians lived, details of their childhoods, and always-when and how they died. After a brief introduction, students watch a movie of Peter and the Wolf. Students love watching the action of all the animals and learning of the brave boy who one day captured a wolf! Self reflection at the conclusion of the lesson would be a simple exit slip or even a
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