Analysis Of Peter Jackson 's ' The Lord Of The Rings '

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Peter Jackson’s Achievement
“Peter Jackson, master of technomagic and generalissimo of a thousand technicians and actors, has made of Tolkien’s deliberately archaic epic a fresh, bracing revel” (Alleva). In his article, Richard Alleva praises Jackson for his great achievements. Taking on the task of adapting Tolkien’s cherished series to the screen sets Jackson apart as a courageous and dedicated artist who will be remembered. Through his adaptation of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Jackson’s genius overwhelmed the fantasy genre of film. His innovative use of technology, enormous accomplishments, creation of a mythical world, and respect for the story confirms Jackson’s spot in film history. Despite the opinions of critics, Jackson’s epic trilogy remains a masterpiece of fantasy cinema. His films have inspired amazement and generated many devoted followers.
Of its many remarkable components, Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings may be celebrated the most for its use of innovative technology. In the introductory quote, Jackson was hailed as the “master of technomagic” (Alleva). Especially through the making of the character Gollum, the films display an incredible use of breakthrough technology. An article written by Mihaela Mihailova discusses the movies’ use of motion capture and estrangement. Mihailova’s article explains that motion capture is a method where “an actor’s performance serves as a ‘reference point’ for a computer which tracks and stores movement via…
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