Analysis Of Peter Singer 's Work

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Peter Singer’s work, “Solution to World Poverty”, goes on to the subject of overseas aid of poor people. Peter presents two examples of times when people are in situations like normal people are in everyday. In the work you obtain the sense that Peter feels strongly that you should donate a great amount of your earnings to the poor. He provides the reader with two examples of people that he thinks people will use to relate. In his first example he gives the reader an extreme and tells the reader that they are similar to the woman but not too similar. In the second example he presents the reader a more relatable story to draw them even closer in, telling them that they are more like the guy than the other woman. Peter Singer was repetitive in his argument, making his ideas clearly, and getting his point across thoroughly using a Pathos strategy, to influence people to donate more of their money to poor children. Singer uses a repetitive organization strategy to deliver his message. Singer will give a story, as an example, and later present his opinions, supported by the story. In everything that he presents after the story he refers back to it to keep you thinking about the story. This strategy effectively gets his point across clearly. An example of this is, after he tells the reader about Dora he brings Dora’s situation back to help you relate more to his information. He talks about how a great deal of people will not be in the same situation as Dora but they are
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