Analysis Of Phillip Jordan And Jan Whitall Essay

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Introduction Imagine working for a manager that fits one’s preferences but abruptly that manager was replaced with someone that was totally opposite. Well, this is exactly what occurred at one of Jake’s Pet Land pet stores. Phillip Jordan and Jan Whitall are two store managers. These managers have two distinguish management style. Under Phillip’s management the pet store was highly successful; conversely, under Jan’s management revenues started to deteriorate. With that said, what was the difference maker between these two managers? In this paper, we will discuss each leader’s style; what their followers was like, and I will also comment on which leader I will prefer to be my subordinate. Analysis Initially, I will discuss the two respective styles of these two leaders. Phillip Jordan was a store manager that utilized his discretion contingent on each particular situation; on the other hand, Jan Whitall was a stickler for the rules, and she followed them religiously. Phillip philosophy of how to manage his store aided him tremendously. His discretions helped retained loyal customers that were unpleased for any reason. The case portrayed a phenomenal example of this in action. Ten days after purchasing a chinchilla, a customer came to return it because the animal was sick. The rules specifically state that there will be no refund after a seven day period. Nonetheless, Adam—the cashier— knows that this customer is loyal and his boss Phillip would bend the rules to accommodate

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