Analysis Of Pine Island And The State Of Minnesota And School Board

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Many find themselves in a bind when it comes to carrying out tasks such as filing for income tax returns. I’ve personally ran into issues regarding tax returns, which has caused both the state and federal government to reimburse me for the incorrect amount. High schools tend to have a sole focus on teaching only the required material mandated by the state of Minnesota and school board. High school isn’t supposed to teach students only the basics in order to move on to a post-secondary education option also teach them the basics in regards to personal responsibilities. The effects of the lack of courses at Pine Island such as civic responsibilities, financial readiness and interview readiness skills have negatively affected me after I graduated in May of 2014.
One aspect in which Pine Island failed to teach me was in regards to civic responsibilities and how to fulfill them as a citizen of the United States. First, when it comes to voting for politicians around election time, I have no clue whatsoever what the terms Democratic, Independent or Republican Party pertain to and what they mean. As a citizen of this country, it would be nice to possess the proper knowledge of what each party stands for and how they plan to run our country. Second, I had no idea how to file my tax returns when they came in the mail this last February. Pine Island High could have easily taken a few days to teach its students how to properly fill out their tax returns, but they must focus on solely on
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