Analysis Of Pink Plastic Flamingo

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How can a simple pink plastic decoration effectively symbolize the collective culture of the U.S.? In her essay “The Pink Plastic Flamingo: A Natural History”, Jennifer Price explains both the impact that the iconic decoration had on American and what it says about American culture as a whole. Price expertly crafts the text using powerful diction to explain the significance of the pink flamingo, allusions to cultural icons to demonstrate the easily influenced nature of Americans, and sarcasm and irony to explain and highlight America’s consumeristic and materialistic culture. Price’s carefully calculated diction and word choice effectively explains America’s attachment towards bold statements of wealth and status and thus, their attraction towards the flamingo. Through usage of such phrases including “...synonymous with wealth and pizzaz.” (Price 7-8), “...cachet of leisure and extravagance.” (Price 19), “...extra fillip of boldness…” (Price 20), and “...broiling magenta, livid pink, incarnadine…” (Price 34-35), Price is able to effectively explain the connotations of wealth, status, and boldness that the plastic flamingo had to Americans through describing the flamingo as how most Americans would perceive it. Price’s powerful diction creates vivid imagery of the flamingo and the underlying meanings behind it. Using such wording, Price is not only able to explain what the flamingo symbolizes, but is also able to demonstrate why Americans would be drawn to the simple lawn

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