Analysis Of Pinocchio

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According to the philosopher Georg Freidrick Hegel, one must follow particular steps in order to achieve self-awareness. This journey includes a life or death struggle in the presence of fear in which one opponent emerges the victor or master and one as the loser or slave. The loser must then complete a creative work also while feeling fear before finally becoming a true human being. In Disney’s Pinocchio, the titular character undergoes the epitome of a Hegelian journey. Pinocchio begins by facing a life or death struggle with the puppeteer Stromboli, then uses creativity to rescue Geppetto, and, finally, Pinocchio both figuratively and literally becomes a real boy. Hegel’s theoretical journey begins with a life or death struggle. One…show more content…
Finally, Stromboli exits and Pinocchio is left curled up, sobbing, and asking “Jiminy where are you?” In this moment, Pinocchio truly understands that he is not a real boy and is considered inferior to many true humans. Facing him is a life of objectification, used by Stromboli in a puppet show. Pinocchio is reduced to a mere object and, thus, beginning his Hegelian struggle to prove his humanity. The second stage of the path to Hegelian self-awareness is a creative work. The loser must use creativity while still feeling extreme fear in order to prove to himself that he is a human being capable of thought and action. Toward the end of the movie, Geppetto goes out searching for Pinocchio and ends up swallowed by a huge and horrifying whale named Monstro. Upon learning this, Pinocchio launches a rescue mission for his father. He reaches the edge of the sea and, realizing he needs to sink to the bottom of the ocean, thinks up the idea to tie a rock to himself. This allows him to drop to the ocean floor where he may then continue his search for Monstro. Pinocchio asks many fish where he might find the whale only to receive a terrified school of fish swimming away from him. As he realizes what a horror Monstro must be to inspire such fear, his own trepidation begins to build. Therefore, Pinocchio experiences the necessary fear required for this stage of the Hegelian journey.
Pinocchio eventually
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