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Piper’s POV The trip back to the treehouse, my new home, was kind of a blur. I remember slight details though. I remember Melody tugging my arm, telling me it was time to go. I remember following Melody’s way mindlessly. I remember almost running into a tree. I remember tripping over a log. But, I was mostly replaying the argument over and over and over again in my head. “Bye Piper,” just kept echoing against the sides of my head, giving me a headache. What if I just apologized? What if I followed her? What if I demanded her to stay? What if questions filled my mind like a glass of water. Hindsight is 20/20. When I climbed the ladder I went over the things I managed to remember on the way home. The things that managed to survive the obstacle course of Replays and What ifs. None of them was crying but low and behold when I felt my cheeks they were damp and I could practically taste the salt. Melody broke me out of my trance by saying, “Follow me.” So I did. She lead me through a hallway which had 6 doors. Rooms 1-3 had painted doorways. 1 was painted red. 2 was painted black and was across from number 1. Finally, number 3 was painted silver. She lead me to room number 4, next to room number 2, and I went in it. It was a plain white room with nothing on the walls. The only thing in the room was painted a peaceful shade of pond blue, with plain white sheets on the bed, and bedside table, and a normal wooden dresser. Scattered across the floor was green bed sheets and green…

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