Analysis Of Piscine 's Religious Beliefs

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An Analysis of Piscine’s Religious Beliefs in Relation to His Life
Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel explores the relation between religion and interpretation. The author creates an open door for the reader to digest the story in a number of manners causing it to be diverse. Not only is the audience compelled to be empathetic towards Piscine, but they ought to be altered spiritually and mentally due to this author’s agenda, and desired plan. This holistic route of understanding this story is purely a way of interpreting the world we live in. In this essay, I argue Yann Martel opened the door of interpretation when he used Piscine Patel’s story to encapsulate a plot that in turn would provoke readers to a state of transformation in their ways of thinking and living, all because of the hidden principles that eventually swooped upon the reader in the grimmest fashion.

The Author’s Mindset
In the action of creating this beautiful novel, Yann Martel came from a state of ambition to communicate to the reader a true story to ultimately alter the reader’s mind. This became apparent as the story progressed to not only be a touching story, but one of which that would continue to humble the audience. The purpose and meaning is shared explicitly in the story from the time Piscine lived with the comforts of the world and the polar opposite when he was stripped of everything except for what had been embedded in his mind. Martel creates a platform for Piscine to share his story and…
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