Analysis Of Plato 's ' The Crito '

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Title In Plato’s work, The Crito, he explores one of the last day of Socrates’ life as he is found sleeping in a prison cell by one of his closes friends, Crito. Crito is emotionally crippled at the thought of the loss of his friend, and is passionately trying to convince him to escape or run away and avoid his future death set by the court. As stubborn as Socrates is, he believes for many reasons that escaping is neither the just or devout thing to do in his situation. He provides many points and explanations to his reasoning, stressing some of the most important ones, while at the same time having Crito explain many values that were important to his people during his time. Socrates lays out the fundamentals of what he means to be alive and accept his death and challenges Crito to see his reasoning. Socrates never directly tells Crito that he is wrong, but he forces and asserts his point of mind to Crito. Crito begins his argument by explaining how despairing his family and friends will have when Socrates accepts his sentence. He also states that people will think scarcely of him for not convincing Socrates to run away or prevent his fate and doing nothing about it. Crito goes on to explain to Socrates that he should not be worried about the fact that his friends and family is helping him escape his fate by paying money and using other resources to help him get out of jail, for Crito believes that a small amount of money is not the same as losing a dear friend that…

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