Analysis Of Plato's Democratic Government

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It is interesting to demonstrate components and elements of Plato’s idea of a Democratic government. Plato’s democracy was a governement for the people because all were welcome to participate, if interested. The government’s structure was split into groups including the ekklesia, boule, etc. Today, I am a part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), and organization here at Temple University. NSCS demonstrates some of the components found in Plato’s democratic government. This paper will examine the connection between Plato’s Democratic government and the NSCS and at Temple.
Plato describes the structural shift from Oligarchy to democracy and NSCS demonstrates that structural shift ever since I became the president.
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The structure includes and Ekklesia and a boule. The Ekklesia also known as the assembly are the individuals interested in participating. The boule is the selected group who decides what is being discussed. In NSCS, the general members would be Plato’s Ekklesia and the E-board would be the boule. Because we decide what is discussed in our general body meetings. Every other week, myself and the E-board get together and discuss upcoming events, meetings, and volunteering. At the actual general body meetings, we discuss the topics we’ve selected beforehand and open the floor for anyone to speak. The member has numerous opportunities to voice their opinions and suggestions.
Finally, freedom of speech is an important aspect within the democratic government and in NSCS it is also important. The democratic government is for the people so it only makes sense that the people have the freedom to express themselves. According to Plato, “Freedom: Surely you’d hear a democratic city say that this is the finest thing it has, so that as a result it is the only city worth living in for someone c who is by nature free” (562 c-d). Freedom is considered a privilege to some individuals because not everyone has the freedom of speech. Moreover, it is important for them to
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