Analysis Of Poe 's ' The Tell Tale Heart '

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Life is never the obvious, but alway the unexpected. It’s always changing at different points, different events, different settings. I mean c’mon, nobody’s life is how they want it. If yours is, then you are in your own “la la” land. In the same way, moods can change in short stories and poems. E.A. Poe seems to change his mood in his texts, “Annabel Lee”, “The Raven”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart”. There is always a twist towards the end when it comes to Poe’s poems and short stories. These three texts have similar plot twists which their beginnings are lovely and calm while their endings being tortured and dreary. In “The Tell-Tale Heart”, it is about a man who is crazy over a person with a vulture eye, while in “The Raven” and in “Annabel…show more content…
Therefore, his explanation is that they seeked for her death. To emphasize, this man has gone mad for this crazy love. This madness is shown in “The Tell-Tale Heart” but in a different event. In “The Tell-Tale Heart”, it starts off as a man who seems to be completely calm and not crazy about strategically planning someone’s death. He lives with this old man who has a vulture eye. This eye bothers him so much that he starts coming up with the most “reasonable” plan which is to kill the old man. Kills him with a heavy mattress and cleans up the mess perfectly finding the old man’s body parts under floorboards. However, he feels guilty at the end and hears this heart thinking that it’s the dead old man’s. The police come by because they were notified that a loud scream was heard by the neighbors. This scream was the old man’s when he was getting murdered by the other man with a mattress. The guilty man just confesses that he killed that old man because this heart beating got him deranged. What do you think about this heart beating? Is the dead man’s heart actually beating still? We’ll find out later on. To think that this man would never snap and get away with this murder. This time, this madness isn’t for love, but for killing someone because of their vulture-like eye. In the text it starts off with “I loved the man. He had never wronged me. He had never insulted me. I never wanted his gold. I think it as his eye! Yes, it was this! One of his
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