Analysis Of Poetry Should Ride The Bus By Ruth Forman

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Poetry can follow your life all the way through, from the innocence of a child, to the end of your days. The comfort, seduction, education, occasion and hope found in poems are elaborated in Poetry Should Ride the Bus by Ruth Forman. As the poem reads on, you not only travel through the life of a person from adolescence to being elderly through vivid imagery, but also hit on specific genres of poems through the personification of poetry as the characters in the stages of life. This poem’s genres hit on what poetry should do and be, by connecting the life many of us live. As the poem begins, the reader immediately visualizes someone playing outside in a “polka dot dress,” and this someone is the personification of poetry (1). Forman uses…show more content…
Forman, in the third stanza, writes of a man, or the personified version of poetry, dressed in “fine plum linen suits” (9). Plum, symbolic to the Japanese for happiness and good fortune and symbolic to the Jewish for divine grace, was not placed in the poem involuntarily. We must carry ourselves with the sophistication and refined education we have received, but we need to sit down and talk about “the comins and goins of the world” (line 12). Poetry can bring you back to your memories and make you sit to think about the world. Even some of the shortest and most simplistic-looking poems are the hardest to decipher because of the hidden messages behind the text. It is important to take a moment, and not to rush, the reading of poetry or the conversations of life because you may miss something important with the assumption of thinking you hold this divine knowledge. Furthermore, poetry, and the personification of poetry, conversations with old friends and family, should not need a special occasion, rather it should “ride the bus” with patience for the stops before your own and the understanding of other’s needs before your own (line 13). You can also say the bus can represent the speed at which life passes you by and how easy it is to miss something if you are not paying attention, or even, that these missed moments have a poem to help you along your long journey home. With the use of

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