Analysis Of Pope Francis ' Encyclical Laudato Si ' And Ellen Davis ' Scripture, Culture And Agriculture

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Pollution, industrialism, and increasingly high levels of carbon dioxide emissions transform the climate of the earth at a rapid pace. With increasing global temperatures and rising levels, and myriad other effects, the future of the planet is cause for concern. Despite many willing voices and hands, it can sometimes be confusing as to what one can do to help. However, Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ and Ellen Davis’ Scripture, Culture and Agriculture, along with the writings of other agriculturalists and voices of environmental advocates around the globe, provide insight into this dilemma. Ellen Davis speaks to an idea of “re-membering”: working toward re-establishing a wholeness within the membership of creation. Pope Francis’…show more content…
Taking these into account, the voices of many communities will be included. If humans attempted to solve the issues at hand within their bubble of technology, many details would be forgotten, and different peoples would be left behind, and perhaps left worse off than before. This completely neglects the concept of looking after those less fortunate and promoting the common good that is essential to Pope Francis’ concept of integral ecology. Coinciding with this is the importance of incorporating humanism into how we build cities and other societal structures, as we must consider the setting, relationships, and preservation of culture while promoting sustainability and lessening pollution. Attention to the common good, which is based on human dignity and living toward full achievement by working together as a society, calls for care and concern for one another as well as promoting peace and justice. By attending to the common good, we can attend to the plights of the poor and prepare and nurture God 's gift of creation for future generations, while answering his call of caring for one another. Consequently, it is not only an issue of ethics, but also one of theology. Moreover, voices that are not solely scientific must be listened to concerning matters of environmental justice and protection. Re-membering depends on the writings of many that may be neglected or discounted: farmers, poets, geographic historians,

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