Analysis Of Porcupines And China Dolls By Arthur Alexie Essay

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In Porcupines and China Dolls Robert Arthur Alexie writes of hard hitting, serious issues that Aboriginal communities across Canada face but that are rarely spoken of. Alexie writes with blunt honestly aimed at an older audience who can handle the frank discussions of alcoholism, domestic violence and sex, both consensual and not. While the pace lags at the beginning it does successfully build the bleak world of the novel and the people who reside in it. Hard hitting topics, some of which are more fleshed out than others by the end, leave the reader thinking and wondering about the everyday challenges the victims of residential schools face. Porcupines and China Dolls is set in the small Aboriginal community ofAberdeen, in the Northwest Territories at the turn of the millennium. The book is divided into three sections: Part One is the brief history of the Blue People who lived in the area where the novel takes place and how their children were put in residential schools (or hostels) for generations. It then introduces us to the main characters of the novel as children being brought to the hostel, many for the first time, and then having their hair cut and being made to wear uniforms. They are describes as all looking the same, like porcupines and china dolls. The majority of the novel is comprised by Part Two. Here much seems to happen at once and yet somehow still drags in places. The children from the school are now adults who carry around the secret demons of their

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