Analysis Of Poverty And Hunger In Zimbabwe

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Refugees are left with scraps from those who invaded and desecrated their sanctuary. Darling, her friends, and family experience this first hand, all of them dumped into their new “Paradise.” Poverty and hunger has refugees seeking shelter elsewhere since Zimbabwe is struggling to stand as a country; a lot of them find America as a great new place to relocate. The opportunity at an American life was bestowed to Darling when Aunt Fostalina took her in to live at Detroit Michigan; however, she is then confronted with a new problem: trying to figure out which home is hers. Life in America gives her peace of mind, yet finds herself constantly reminiscing about memories of Zimbabwe. Chipo decides to rub salt in the wound and depicts Darling’s confliction a sin when she confronted her during a skype call, leaving her overwhelmed. Yet Darling refuses to give up the memories from Paradise Paradise was a place for families to work tooth and nail to get their earnings, barely able scrape by with what they have--the parents bend and break their backs to provide for the children, and the children left to mull over and process their situation. Darling and her friends attempt to understand their situation by playing the Country game; they choose which one of the world powers they want to be, then play around in a circle. Zimbabwe is deemed as a failing country since none of them want to claim it as their own: “No one wants to be rags of countries…--who wants to be a terrible place of

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