Analysis Of Poverty Simulation

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During this simulation I got a different outlook on what it is like to live in poverty. Hearing about it and actually experiencing it are two different things. In the simulation I was a grandmother taking care of my daughters children with my husband. I was the only one in the household, who was bringing in any money so it was very important I kept my job and was not late to work or did not do my job correctly. I felt really limited because even though I was bring in a steady income, my husband was the one, who had to go around and pay the bills, buy food, and made sure the children did not get into any trouble. My husband had diabetes and received a disability check which was helpful to the situation. I learned that it is very important to budget everything out or not everything is going to get done. Being the parent that only work the whole simulation gave me only one side view of the…show more content…
I feel like it had to do with the fact that our situation was not as severe as others and also we had a good handle on our situation. I felt good, that I did not have to do anything which went against my moral. But when looking at other families they were stealing left and right. I had to understand, when being in a situation which is out of our control sometimes stealing makes people feel more in control and makes them get more control of the situation itself.
I do feel differently about people in poverty because they may not have all the necessary information they need to know to be able to help them. They may feel alone or they may even feel embarrassed by asking for help. I feel people need to be mindful of their pride as well as think about their family before they let that get in the way of asking for help. I think it is important for people to understand that everyone’s situation is different and not everyone who lives in poverty is in that situation due to a lack of
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